Easy and effective! Home edition
Easy and effective! Home edition

"If only I could go back..."

"I wish it never happened..."

In this set of works, Camilla Gurgone copes with the impossibility to erase the memories that cause us pain from our minds.

The artist envisions a parallel universe where our memories are automatically printed on rolls of thermal paper. Determined to emulate that reality, she starts printing detailed personal diaries on such material, which has the peculiarity to fade with time or heat. In those diaries, she recounts episodes of her daily life through words and pictures.

In an ironic tutorial, she then shows the public how easy it is to fade, and thus eliminate, inconvenient memories from thermal paper. The biographical traces are erased with heat-producing tools, particularly electrical appliances: these devices take on the role of memory erasers, capable of carrying out a cache cleaning of the memories that the artist does not want to preserve. Through hotplates, cookers and irons we hope to control the uncontrollable: time, pain, unpleasant episodes that fate has in store for us and the fear of making mistakes.

The artist launches these erasing devices into collections, presenting them in scenic installations, advertising them with posters, presentation brochures and video tutorials.

In 2020 the Camping edition collection, including items designed for outdoor activities, was released.

Tostacarta, 2019.

Thermal Paper, toaster, electricity.

35x28x20 cm, private collection.

Paper torch, 2019.

Thermal Paper, rubber flashlights with batteries, rubber wire.

Variable size, in the picture: 280x400x160 cm, private collection.

Installation view Castello di Rivara, Torino.

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Asciugacarta, 2019.

Thermal Paper, hair dryer, electricity.

Variable size, in the picture: 180x150x120 cm.

Installation view Castello Angioino Aragonese, Agropoli.

Finalist at Artkeys prize 2020.

Piastracarta, 2021.

Thermal Paper, hair straighteners, iron.

Variable size, in the picture: 300 x 390 x 370 cm.

Installation view Lucca Biennale 10th edition, Ex Caserma Lorenzini, Lucca.

How to erease your memories with a paper straightener, 2020.

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