Fluidum - Round Trip
Fluidum - Round Trip


11.03 – 09.04.2023

Pavillon am Milchhof
Schwedter Str. 232,10435 Berlin DE

curated by Stefano Comensoli_Nicolò Colciago (Spazienne, Milano) e
Elisabeth Sonneck (super bien! Berlin)

ROUND TRIP is a connection and exchange project among independent art spaces in Milan and Berlin.

Ideated by Spazienne (Milan) and Elisabeth Sonneck (super bien! Berlin), ROUND TRIP elevates many diverse artistic approaches, practices and connections possibilities. Most importantly, it is a testament to the irreplaceable role that independent spaces play in fostering experimental artistic development and the expansion of public discourse. Round Trip wants to build an international network of artists, artistic spaces with the research they develop and promote. Fluid and ever-evolving, it will expand and grow to honor its core values.

Fluidum is just the beginning, the first step on a collective exhibition journey at Milchhof Pavillon, that will be followed by a parallel event in a milanese space. The title itself carries along all the stories that initiated this journey: a latin word, a bridge between the italian and german language. The idea of freely adapting, molding and welcoming the new. A collective fluid merging different attitudes and approaches with a shared awareness of the cultural value of artistic research.

Fifteen independent art spaces from Milan and Berlin were selected for the first ROUND TRIP. Each space invited one artist to present their work in a completely new setup, with works that never co-existed before.

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Megazzino / Stefano Comensoli_Nicolò Colciago

Edicola Radetzky / Alessandro Simonini

Chez Plinio / Sara Davide

spazioSERRA / Camilla Gurgone e Giulia Di Franco

Spazio Martìn / Miss Goffetown

MARS / Devis Venturelli

Rehearsal / Andrea Bruschi

MASSIMO / Luca Bosani



super bien! Berlin / Ulrike Mohr

Kreuzberg Pavillon / Ulrike Buck

Neun Kelche / Fette Sans

Spor Klübü / Astrid Busch

HilbertRaum / Jürgen Grewe

BETON Berlin / Anaïs Edely

LAGE EGAL / Thomas Prochnow

Uncertainty excites me, 2021.

Wood fiber, cellulose compound, vegetable powder andcornstarch, slime and snail excrement, print on cellulose.

48 x 32 x 20 cm.