(im)possible ecologies
(im)possible ecologies

Botanic Garden of Rome, Polo Museale Sapienza, Rome IT
Curated by Naba from a draft op Marco Scotini and Andris Brinkmanis.
With a text of Elisabetta Calligaro

Uncertainty excites me, 2022.
Wood fiber frame, Wire mesh sculptures,cellulose, Bologna chalk, cornstarch, fruit and vegetable powder, slime and snail droppings; photographic prints, video on ipad.
120x60x148 cm.

Nomadism, myth and metamorphosis, eco-feminism, colonial memories and a certain call for deceleration are just some of the possible declinations of a plural ecology that is increasingly manifested through a holistic conception of the environment, in which all elements, species and forces exist in a mutual interconnection and interdependence. (Im)possibile Ecologies is the first act of a larger exhibition project that will continue next autumn with an exhibition dedicated to the theme of memory and the archive in Milan.

This is how Marco Scotini, NABA Visual Arts Department Head, describes the specificity of art education at NABA:

"I believe that it is therefore no longer a question of thinking of art education in terms of a separate discipline for experts and insiders. Can we imagine the aesthetic function within its own enclosure? Today the challenge is to think of art as something at the centre of processes of education and subjectivation in a broad sense, which finds in the aesthetic model its own procedure of realisation.

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