Group exhibition featuring artworks by Dadamaino, Irma Blank, Niele Toroni, Sergio Lombardo, Bertrand Lavier, Giovanni Rizzoli, Daniele Innamorato and Camilla Gurgone.

Curated by Giorgio Verzotti
On view from April 8th until June 21st 2024 at Viasaterna, Milan IT

The repetitive, mechanical, serial act subtracts pathos from the process of artistic creation, romantically understood as unique, unrepeatable, ascribable to the creative Genius.

Various are the motives and modes of this mechanical acts, as they can be recognized in the certainly not exhaustive selection of the artists featured in this exhibition, also determined by the cultural needs typical of the different historical times in which they lived and worked, from the 1950s to the present day.

Ph. Carola Merello

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Process to shape the imaginary n° 7, 2024.
Order bar, print on thermal paper, inox.
70 x 165 x 50 cm.

Non-Intentional Actions - Caddy's and Esselunga, 2024.
Two performative actions in the Porta Romana and Lodi TIBB neighborhood, Milan. Various objects, video. 300 x 40 x 25 cm