Divago ed. 02
Divago ed. 02


Via del campo, Genoa.

Curated by MIXTA with Stefano Antonelli, Pinksummer gallery.

In collaboration with Dolce Forno Naima, via S. Luca 6, 16123 Genova.

Ph: Beatrice Fanari, Michela Mosca, courtesy Divago Festival. Video credits: Paolo De Bord.

Divago is a biennial festival of contemporary art that takes place in the urban space of Via del Campo, Genoa. It is open to itinerant exhibitions and interacts with public, private and commercial places. It is a project of urban regeneration through artistic practices, ranging from environmental installations to performances, street art and happenings. It proposes a new face of the city through the artistic exploration of the dense and complex textile fabric that Via del Campo is - an urban residue of the Ligurian capital, a metaphor of contemporary cities and a new centre from which to disseminate a collective feeling of cohesion and civic collaboration.


Exquisite biscuits, known and renowned nationwide, are a symbol of popular culture for their simplicity. They were left to cool in canestri(woven baskets) before being offered. Their sale began in churchyards and spread throughout the city, until they became a real 'currency', with their shape engraved on the Genovino d’oro (Genoese ancient coin). Today, thanks to the collaboration with Naima Dolce Forno (via S.Luca 6), we are re-enacting an ancient tradition.During her residency, the artist wandered around and noted down clues, details and elements regarding Via del Campo's environment and community. Now is the moment of exchange, of the magic that unites the territory in a gesture of offering and sharing. Each visitor will receive his or her own special Canestrello and will be invited, before eating, to blow and observe. The surprise is in the details.

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Canestrelli, 2021.


Biscuits, food markers, powered sugar, paper packaging.

Environmental dimension.

Ph. Beatrice Fanari, Michela Mosca.

Courtesy Divago Festival.