Full mime jobs: Baker
Full mime jobs: Baker

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In collaboration with Naima Dolceforno Bakery, Genova.

Canestrelli. Performance, 23-26 sept. 2021, Genoa. Biscuits, food markers, powered sugar, paper packaging. Environmental dimension. Ph: Beatrice Fanari, Michela Mosca, courtesy Divago Festival. Video credits: Paolo De Bord.

For the second edition of Divago Festival, Camilla Gurgone "crafted" an encounter between citizens and the community of Via del Campo through a relational work carried out during the days of the event. The project starts with Canestrelli, biscuits known nationally that are particularly significant for Ligurian history. A symbol of popular culture for their simplicity, the biscuits were left to cool in canestri(woven baskets), hence their name. Their sale began in churchyards and spread throughout the city, until they became a real “currency”, with their shape engraved on the Genovino d’oro(Genoese coin circulating in the Modern Era).

During her residency, the artist wandered through Via del Campo, looking for special details, odd clues, and any element of the neighborhood that would catch her eye. She noted everything down and linked it to a count. "Children running in the street: 4"; "Lights on after dark: 15"; "Balconies with flowers: 2": these are just some examples of the 250 notes that were later written down on fresh Canestrelli, made and provided by a local bakery.

From 23 to 26 September, Gurgone set up a base in Piazza Don Gallo’s social lodge, and offered each of her visitors a biscuit, hiding the annotation by dusting it with powdered sugar. The game for the visitor consisted in blowing off the sugar to uncover the hidden sentence. The owner of the biscuit was also asked to walk through the streets, looking for the same clue, the same feeling noted on their Canestrello, and then write their count on the product packaging.

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Moment of writing the 250 notes on

the canestrelli with food markers.

Part of the performance where the artist

hides the note with icing sugar.

Part of the performance which the spectator

has to blow on his own Canestrello.

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