Full mime jobs: Plumber
Full mime jobs: Plumber

[Plumbing Problems is part of Full mime jobs]

Series of installations and video installations.

Installation view Laboratorio KH, Rome.

Ph: Tommaso Schirru.

In Plumbing Problems, Gurgone uses various mediums such as installations, videos and posters to show the typical hydraulic faults and accidents that can happen in our houses. Her temporary transformation into a resolute plumber leads her to throw herself into the chaos, but in order to do so, what she creates is a raving field of tragicomic problems.

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Pronto? Fa acqua da tutte le parti, 2021.

Pvc pipe, steel bucket, water, painted plaster.

Variable size, in the picture: 230x484x70 cm.

Fix the leaky faucet, please, 2021.

Wood, microfiber mats, glass, brass faucet, painted plaster.

120x60x50 cm.

Shoot me with your air drain blaster, 2021.

Wood, microfiber mats, glass, video on screen.

68x100 cm, 00:10:20 min.

The shower drain is clogged again, 2021.

Ceramic shower tray, wood, microfiber mats, glass, plastic.

65x50x65 cm.

Clean and perfumed siphon, 2021.

Steel siphon, room perfume, rubber.

5x60x20 cm. Private collection.

Tubazione guarnita n.01, 2021.

Wood, microfiber mats, glass, steel pipe, tow, hydraulic paste.

40x137x30 cm.

Tubazione guarnita n.02, 2021.

Wood, microfiber mats, glass, steel pipe, Teflon, painted plaster.

75x175x30 cm.

Lo sturascarichi, 2021.

Perforated panels, plaster, baking soda and citric acid mix, wax, plastic, video on a tablet.

98x140 cm, 00:03:00 min.

Pozzanghera n.1, 2021.

painted plaster.

90x45 cm.

Pozzanghera n.2, 2021.

painted plaster.

30x18 cm.

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