Pizzeria Casa Kunstschau
Pizzeria Casa Kunstschau

11/06/2022 - 09/07/2022

Kunstschau contemporary place, Lecce IT

Curated by Kunstschau collective.

ph. Grazia Amelia Bellitta.

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, at 7 p.m., Kunstschau_Contemporary Place in Lecce will open the exhibition Pizzeria casa Kunstschau, an environmental installation by Camilla Gurgone (Lucca, 1997), winner of the first edition of Kocca - Kunstschau Open Call for Contemporary Art.

For the white cube in Via Toma, Gurgone proposes an unprecedented intervention from her research "Full mime jobs," a project conceived and developed in recent years through the study and simulation of a specific professional activity. A category investigation, halfway between playful approach and social analysis, which takes the form of an almost maniacal identification and reproduction of environments and tools. To implement her intent, the Tuscan artist uses modeling and painting, privileged techniques and materials of her own artistic production. Thus the exhibition space is transformed into an unusual take-out pizzeria, giving the illusion of an authentic environment, offering the visitor a verisimilar glimpse of everyday life. Each element-an oven, a counter, the menu, even the pizza chef-introduces us to an environmental trompe l'oeil in which everything takes on the character of a simulacrum perfectly identical to reality.

Through an ironic, almost burlesque attitude, Gurgone reflects on the deception of appearance, also in reference to the ever-increasing virtualization of our experience, to that pitfall of a reality that privileges fiction, communication and ostentation. For this reason, too, the operation - designed to be collective and participatory - includes an additional level of telematic simulation through the reservation and delivery service. In fact, it will be possible to order one's own "pizza" to be picked up directly during the day of the opening, witnessing the artist's performance of making the artifacts, or opt for the home delivery service.

* Pizzeria casa Kunstschau is open to the public until June 24 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., during which time the on-site reservation and pickup service and the delivery service on Lecce will be active. From June 25, the national reservation service will be available. Instead, the exhibition, excluding performances, remains open until July 9.

* The artist's pizzas are in a limited edition of 100; only 10 pieces will be available for the vernissage in addition to the special slices made only for the opening day.

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Details of pizza slices for sale at the counter.

Press release and hall sheet in brochure format.

Details of some of the pizzas made during the opening.